Friday, December 11, 2009

Screen for X11

Finally!!! I think I found a key application I've been searching for.... some time. Basically it is like GNU screen for X11 :)
Take a look at it:

It is also available in Ubuntu, just:

apt-get install xpra

From its description:
Xpra gives you "persistent remote applications" for X. That is, unlike normal X applications, applications run with xpra are "persistent" -- you can run them remotely, and they don't die if your connection does. You can detach them, and reattach them later -- even from another computer -- with no loss of state. And unlike VNC or RDP, xpra is for remote applications, not remote desktops -- individual applications show up as individual windows on your screen, managed by your window manager. They're not trapped in a box.

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