Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gnome Workspace Switcher and managing (moving) windows.

I have a dual-head setup (NVidia TwinView) where the second screen is an overhead projector. I would find it extremely useful if I could just drag windows using the Workspace Switcher between my screens. This would help a lot especially at times when the projector is blanked or switched off and I would like to move some windows to be projected when switched on/unblanked.

Beware... tadaaaaa...Since yesterday windows can be dragged not only to a different workspace (without altering their relative position) but also within the workspace. I made a modification to libwnck (the library which implements the pager and allows to manipulate windows) which implements this feature and submitted it upstream. I wonder if it is going to be committed to the next Gnome release or not... we'll see.

Anyway you you would like o use this functionality in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, here is a link to my PPA:

And if you want to compile libwnck by yourself you can find the appropriate patch at the feature request:


  1. Hi!
    It's great! Now this applet is useful again. Thank you. But there is one bug in it. It moves windows only in / to active workspace. I can't move a window from an active workspace to non-active one, I have to switch to a workspace then move window there. I also can't move windows between to inactive workspaces. Is it possible to fix?
    Btw, I am using Compiz.

  2. taras, I use metacity and it works fine. I can move any window, no matter active or inactive workspace. I guess it might be an issue with compiz.

  3. I've looked it up. It is definitely compiz fault - perhaps it can be configured somehow to behave properly - I'm not sure, I'm not a compiz fan ;) - In general it won't move windows to another desktop this way. I also checked openbox - it works fine though. If you need that functionality from compiz I'd recommend filing a feature request/bug report.